Monday, December 7, 2009

Best sledding spots in the neighborhood?

The dusting of snow we had this weekend got me thinking: if we do get enough snow, where are some good sledding spots in the hood?

First and foremost would be the southern end of Meridian Hill Park, which is generally hilly. Watch out for trees, however. A smaller hill would be the one next to Fenty Field at Harriet Tubman Elementary School -- better for little kids or the faint of heart, I'd think.

The fields around Banneker High School would also be good spots, and Cardozo High School has some terraces on the east side which would be fun -- lots of jumps if you could go fast enough. And If you wanted to go farther afield, there's Rock Creek Park with lots of hills.

Any other sledding recommendations? Obviously this is more hope than anything else since we haven't had much snow in the past few years, but you never know. I'll be out there if it's possible!

Photo by kptyson


  1. Next to the Zoo sign at the entrance close to the Lions and Tigers. Near Adams Mill Road and Harvard St.

  2. i'm from CH and have never been sledding in my life...what sadness. There's a huge hill next to Ft. Reno in Tenely. Im sire that would be sooo sweet.

  3. my hope is always that tilden st going from conn. ave into the park will get soooooo bad that there are no cars, then do a luge run down that!

  4. Awesome suggestions, although I think you mean Malcolm X park, not Meridian Hill.

  5. I grew up in the Ft Reno neighborhood and I can tell you first hand that Deal Hill is awesome sledding. The side facing Alice Deal Middle school is great for kids as it is longer and flatter, though the new fence at the bottom puts a twist on that. The other side with two hills is awesome. If you hit it right you can shoot across the street at the bottom shoot down the alley and go for blocks. You HAVE to post someone to watch for and stop cars if you are aiming for this.
    Other that n battery Kimble over by AU I think Deal is the best sledding around


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