Monday, December 7, 2009

Be careful if you park on the street

This is probably pretty well known, but make sure to be smart if you park your car on the street. This evening, my friend's car was broken into on 13th Street, and it looked like another car just up the block had also been broken into.

Just a reminder that if you do park on the street, make sure any valuables are not visible, including the mountings for a GPS unit, iPod, etc, as those might show crooks that other things are in the car.


  1. I've heard of people recommending cleaning out your glove box and other storage areas and leaving your glove box, etc. wide open when you live in a high-crime area, so people can see that there's nothing valuable inside. Can't vouch for this method, but it could be worth a shot.

    Also, ensure that you're not leaving mail or anything with your address on it in your car!

  2. My car was broken into back in June - I live at 3519 13th, just north of Monroe, and I park in front of the building. My glove compartment and the center storage were in total disarray. My alarm did go off and the cops were called, and he came up to my apartment and told me. Crime scene was called and they did get two fingerprints, but I doubt it did any good for me - I haven't heard anything since.

    They didn't take anything; I had a Sirius Satellite radio, several car chargers, CDs, and my car's insurance information, but I think they were trying to find an iPod or a GPS.

    The cop told me that people will look for anything they can sell for a few bucks - stuffed animals, jumper cables, shoe boxes or shopping bags that look full - so they can score drugs. At the time, I had all three of those things out in the open in my car - so going off of what CBR said, take anything that you think is invaluable out at night just to be safe.

  3. As a welcome to the neighborhood, I had my car broken into 3 days after moving onto 13th St. between Park and Monroe. While that area seems to be pretty safe, I have noticed a lot of cars broken into as of late. They got at mine with a brick through the passenger side window and took everything in the glove compartment. To this day, I don't keep anything of value in my car and am sure to wipe off the ring on my window after using my GPS.

  4. I had a pretty close call recently when getting out of my car. I was moving some boxes into my apartment (had to make 2 trips) and this man that passed by me the first trip came back and introduced himself as an excon that got out 10 days ago as I was getting the second box. With that introduction and the fact that he was watching me and now knew where I lived and which car was mine and my doors were open I thought I was about to be robbed big time.
    Fortunately he just asked for $20 and told me not to look so scared. I'm a bit weary about driving home now with anything I need to make multiple trips to get inside.

    Also just noticed my car antenna was gone. I was wondering why DC radio reception was sucking so bad recently.

  5. to the person who wrote about the excon:

    was the dude wearing a bad suit? this guy has hit me up several times over the past year and his story of getting out of jail 10 days ago doesn't change. i think he is harmless. i wouldn't worry about the multiple trips. just lock your car in b/w each trip.

  6. I had my truck broken into last night in the alley between Fairmont and Euclid. Last week we saw a skinny guy wondering around checking door handles.

    My GPS was stolen (left it in the center console). Never leaving anything in that again.

    The irony is that my neighbor had his car broken into over and over again so he put it a light that shines on the cars in the alley. The light probably made it easier for the criminal to break into my car.

    I am putting motion tracking cameras with shatter proof cases in a few homes in the neighborhood. I will catch this guy.

  7. Concur on the excon--I've run into him a couple of times over the last year, with the same story each time. Seems friendly enough, and I give him credit for ambition for asking for $20 rather than a dollar or two.


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