Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Awesome snow fort at 13th and Harvard

Saw this this morning, pretty rad. It's about 3 or 4 feet high.

There's also lots of neat and often very big snowmen around. I'll start posting them the next few days, along with more Christmas lights.


  1. Seems pretty structurally unsound to me... Bet these kids are California/Florida types that didn't grow up learning how to build complexes of epic proportions out of the white stuff. Come to a place like Spokane, Washington, and learn how to do this stuff before you try!

  2. It's an f-ing snow fort...not sure what you were expecting mr. Architecture?

  3. snow fort! snow fort! SNOWBALL FIGHT! *that* is what it is all about. duck and roll, or you're slammed! unless, of course, you have a fort. wooopeee!

  4. Mount Pleasant is the perfect place for a fun filled(non gun toting-non police visiting) wholesome mid day snowball fight! High noon this coming saturday 2/6 if the snow comes as predicted. Park/Mount Pleasant Streets? Fungoers only!!!!


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