Monday, November 23, 2009

Street Booze: MD 20/20 on Irving Street

This is second installment of Street Booze, where I document the various bottles of booze found tossed around the neighborhood.

This one's a bottle of MD 20/20 (aka Mad Dog) with a plastic bag around it that I spotted on Irving between 13th and 14th (at night, hence the blurriness). Mad Dog is a fortified "wine" that's fruit flavored, and this one was "peaches and cream." I remember drinking this stuff in college and having it at parties as a joke.

Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, the MD stands for "Mogen David," the name of the company that makes it, and it's from Westfield, NY. Mogen David is Hebrew for Star (or shield) of David. Not sure what 20/20 means, since you won't seeing 20/20 after drinking it.


  1. I like this series. Of course, I am obsessed with picking up trash.

    While things on my rounds have been pretty mellow lately, I did have the pleasure of picking up a shattered bottle of Bacardi Gold today.

    Broken bottles don't come up too much and picking 'em up is no fun, but they are really dangerous for dogs. It's the whole reason I started picking up bottles in the first place (because I wanted it to be safer for walking the dog).

  2. are you taking the time to throw away the garbage? or are you simply documenting that it was there?

    If the latter...I think you should rethink your purpose for the blog. There is no reason not to do both!

  3. anon, somebody asked the same thing last time, and yes I am throwing it away.

  4. All right! Another one in the small but growing ranks of Columbia Heights trash-pickers.

  5. Could you swing by the alley between Fairmont and Euclid and do a little cleaning? It's getting a little grungy.

  6. @Andrew, this is anon 10:40am, thanks for the reply, it bothered me when I saw the post yesterday, just took until this morning to figure out why...

  7. @Anon 1:54, that's a little far south for my daily dog walks, but let me know where you live and I'll drop off some trash bags and latex gloves.

    Trash picking: it's not just for bums any more!


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