Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Recommended: Mom & Pop Antiques (& Records)

Mom & Pop Antiques
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The other day I was going to Looking Glass Lounge with some friends and we noticed the antique shop about a block down. It's called Mom & Pop Antiques and we decided to take a look. Now I'm not normally a fan of antique stores, but this one is neat.

There's a lot of interesting doo-dads, plus tons of cool old records (Tempations, Commodores, New Edition, etc). Lots of old school funk and R&B, mostly for $2, and the owner says they get new ones in all the time. The store isn't very big but there's a lot of things packed in there, so you could definitely spend some time. It's not super upscale or pricey like Goodwood, but it's not junky either -- just neat items. The owner was friendly and helpful as well.

Check it out! They're open 12-5 most days and closed Tuesdays.

Mom & Pop Antiques is at 3534 Georgia Ave NW, near Otis Place. Ph: (202) 722-0719

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  1. open 12-5? that's just asking to have no customers


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