Monday, November 30, 2009

Recommended: Enterprise Rent-a-Car on Georgia Ave

For Thanksgiving I needed to rent a car, so I used my old stand-by: the Enterprise Rent-a-Car location at Georgia and Girard. The place is usually cheaper than other rental car places, they almost always have cars (I rented a day before I needed it), and best of all, it's walking distance to most of the neighborhood. It's also close to the Georgia Ave shops and such if you need some snacks or coffee for your trip (like Sankofa Coffee).

It's a good alternative to Zipcar, especially for long periods of time, so I recommend it! Enterprise isn't on Orbitz, but here's the location's website.

(In case anybody was wondering, I don't get paid or anything for the various places I recommend, they're just things I think folks might find useful.)

Enterprise is located at 2730 Georgia Ave NW. Phone (202) 332-1716


  1. I've found that rental car places in the city are substantially more expensive than their counterparts at National Airport. Did you check that with this one?

  2. This is true Lane. Car rentals are more expensive at airport locations because of additional taxes and fees. They are also more expensive in downtown/urban areas... best bet are suburban, off the beaten path locations.


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