Thursday, November 12, 2009

Recommended: CC's Liquor Store

CCs Liquor Store
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The other day a friend new to the area asked me about liquor stores, and I recommended CC's Liquor Store at 14th and Newton over the others in the area. They seem to be a few dollars cheaper than Speedy Liquor across the street and Florida Liquors at 14th and Florida. The guy behind the counter is also pretty friendly and recognizes you once you've been in a few times, which is cool.

They have all the staples I buy, like pretty good selections of bourbon and rye, plus a decent beer selection and some fancier stuff like bitters and vermouth if that's what you're looking for. A big bottle of Evan Williams whiskey is $15.99, for example. I'm not really a wine guy, but they do have some as well. I'd bet D'Vines would be the wine spot, however. They also have the occasional interesting thing, like Quetzalteca brand aguardiente, a Guatemalan cane sugar alcohol similar to cacha├ža

The one thing they don't have a lot of is mixers, so I'd try Giant for that.

Anybody else with an opinion on the local booze establishments?

CC's is at 3401 14th St NW. Phone (202) 667-5050


  1. please stop calling things "pretty good" or "pretty interesting" or "pretty neat". Pretty please?

  2. I'll think pretty hard about that!

  3. to Anonymous, What a D*ck!

    i like CC's --> the guy always talks my wife into upgrading to a liter when she only wants a 1/5, which means more johnny for me!!

  4. yes CC's is definitely the best in the area where selection is slim.

  5. Who drinks alcohol with mixers? This isn't some prohibition BS.

    Seriously, drink what you drink straight up. If you don't, you should stick a manpon up your ass and call it a day.

  6. Relax anon. I write posts for everybody, not just myself. Some people like whiskey and coke, vodka cranberry, whatever.


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