Monday, November 9, 2009

New Wale video filmed in Columbia Heights

Looks like Wale, the DC hip hop artist, likes using Columbia Heights as a backdrop for his video. A previous one, "Chillin'", featuring a green-screened Lady Gaga, was filmed partially at Cardozo High School and elsewhere in the neighborhood, and his newest is also in the area. "Pat Your Weave," which is technically video by go-go group UCB featuring Wale, but appears on some of Wale's mixtapes, features the Destiny De'Ve salon on 14th Street prominently. Check it out:

Here's Wale's Wikipedia page and Myspace page. His debut album comes out tomorrow and he has some pretty excellent mixtapes for free download on the Myspace page. "Pat Your Weave" is on one of the mixtapes.

Destiny De'Ve is at 3343 14th St NW, just north of Park Road.


Anonymous said...


that video is about as wack as the hoes they tryin to front

let me guess, Wale thinks he can act too.

Lucky said...

The first video "Chillin" is right in front of our house at Georgia and Kenyon. I always enjoy seeing the artists representing our neighborhood.

I dig Wale.. he's got a DC sound and he's a nice MC.

Anonymous said...

This business has either moved or closed. Either way, the space is for rent. 14th North of Park is starting to look like a ghost town.