Monday, November 16, 2009

More on the Columbia Road shooting

The Post has a big article on the shooting of Oscar Fuentes, the 9-year old who was shot and killed in his family's apartment on the 1400 block of Columbia Road. It turns out the lock on the building's front door was damaged.

The Post article seems to imply that no one has been arrested, as MPD Chief Cathy Lanier says "I'm very confident that this case will close with an arrest and will close with an arrest shortly." However, Jim Graham said yesterday on the Columbia Heights listserve that some people have already been arrested. Maybe the Post quote was given before Graham's post.

Either way, it's a very sad story. If we learn anything from this crime, it's that if something is damaged or unsafe in your building, report it immediately to your landlord. If it doesn't get fixed quickly, move up the chain to your ANC comissioner or city council member. It's the landlord's responsibility to keep a place safe and well-maintained. Of course, just fixing the door doesn't mean this doesn't happen, but better safe than sorry.


  1. The Grahamstander is not always known for having the correct information (he said the shooting stemmed from a fight in the hallway, which we now know is not true). From what I understand is that people were arrested that night, but no one has been charged yet with the murder.

  2. I can't fail to be astonished about how all everybody is talking about is how the door wasn't functioning properly and that people want to pin blame on the landlord for not fixing it. This wasn't exactly an accident; somebody shot a child in cold blood. How about we spend a second or two contemplating that instead.

  3. Anon #2, I agree wholeheartedly, which is why I included that caveat at the end of the post. It's a terrible tragedy and it brings up a number of issues.


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