Monday, November 30, 2009

Jim Graham launches re-election campaign

Jim Graham, the Ward One councilmember (which includes Columbia Heights) has launched his re-election campaign. In my opinion, he's done a good job, but he's also had some scandals in his office, with former chief of staff Ted Loza involved with some shady stuff.

I presume that Graham will win, but he does face some opposition: Adams Morgan ANC commissioner Bryan Weaver.

So far on the blog, there's been one pro-Graham comment and one anti-Graham comment. What do you think? More bowtie or new blood?

Photo by dbking


  1. He's also been in office for 12 years (despite the fact that he supported term limits). The time has come for Mr. Graham to go.

  2. CM Graham is solid on constituent service. He dedicates himself to the job. He generally seems to agree with me on local issues, and he is open-minded and good for the Council. I'll vote for him again.

  3. He looks like a fuckin cartoon character.

  4. I think the "solid on constituent service" thing is a myth.


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