Friday, November 27, 2009

Is the BP gas station a drug dealer hangout?

Recently on the South Columbia Heights listserve there's been some discussion about the BP gas station at 14th and Euclid. Apparently a bunch of guys were loitering after the owners asked them to leave. The police responded and everybody left, but a few days later the same people were there, so the police banned them from the premises. The implication on the listserve is that the gas station is a hangout for drug dealers, which I'd never really heard before.

I have seen guys meet other guys there and pass them money, but I (perhaps naively) figured it was just some guy who owed some other guy money. But this is the first I've heard -- has anyone else heard about this?

I posed the question on the listserve and got a response from one person who had recently been to a meeting with MPD where the BP station and two other problem areas (1333 Euclid and 11th and Clifton) were discussed. MPD's Lt. Pearce gave her cell number and asked people to text her if they saw anything that concerns them, such as aggressive people, people doing drugs or under the influence, and so on, especially around those three problem areas. Her number is 202-498-9833.

Lt. Pearce then asked people to call 911 after alerting her even if it's not an emergency, as 911 calls are logged to see where more police presence is needed.


  1. I've been living in CH since 02'and that BP has always had that problem...

  2. Of course it's a dealer hangout. They drug boys shuttle back and forth between the station, Faircliff Plaza and/or other subsidized housing in the area. They'll be sitting in milk crates all day long, smoking weed while a guy on a bike spots for them.

  3. I live right at 14th and Euclid. I pass the BP everyday. I can't count how many drug deals I've seen go down. I've seen small bags of white powder pass hands in exchange for cash. There is no doubt that BP is dealer spot.

  4. Good I was looking for a new dealer. My last one got hauled away by the popo

  5. Sorry Anonymous, but I wouldn't touch the sh*t sold at the BP. The dealers are all under 20 and most of them look next-to homeless. The drugs they sell are probably about 15% meth and 85% AJAX. And you're more likely to be shanked than walk away safely. But knock yourself out.

  6. Everybody, then make sure you call the number listed in the post. The more contacts they get about this, the more they'll do to fix it.

  7. I stopped using the Flexcar at that location because I saw too much stuff I didn't want to see in the early morning hours (drugs plus half dressed people). I complained to Flexcar and stopped using that location. When Zipcar took over, they had no cars there.

  8. Who cares?

    1) Stop snitching
    2) Loosen up our drug laws
    3) Lets stop perpetuating the prison industrial complex of the Nixon, Ford, Carter, and more importantly, Reagan years. Stop prosecuting victimless crime!

    It's up to you if you want to shop there or not.

  9. i agree, who cares at all. why would you even post this. get a fucking life dude. drugs are fun, don't hate on something you've probably never tried.


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