Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ellwood Thompson's asking Fenty for funding?

I just got this comment on my blog, supposedly from Rick Hood, owner of Ellwood Thompson's, the organic supermarket that planned a store in DCUSA but then put it on hold. Here's the comment:
Ellwood Thompson’s will be appealing to Mayor Fenty for funds to begin construction at DCUSA. I’m told that the Mayor will be at Tubman Elem School tonight (Wed) for a forum to include discussion of “commercial development” starting at 7pm at the meeting of the North Columbia Heights Civic Association. He also can be contacted through under “contact the Mayor”. We need your support !

Rick Hood, Owner
Rick Hood is the name of owner (I Googled it) but I haven't heard this from anywhere else, so I'm asking the company spokespeople to confirm. As noted previously, Jim Graham proposed a bill giving Ellwood Thompson's a tax break.

Now I'm strongly in favor of the store coming to the neighborhood and I'm fine with tax breaks, but I'm less sure about asking the city for construction funds. Then again, that's kind of what happened with DCUSA.


  1. I agree. If a business can not afford to open a store without public funding, should it really be opening? I'm also ok with tax breaks, but I'd rather see DC's money go to something more important like public transportation or education.

    Also, I have no idea why people want the Ellewood Thompson's so much. We have three grocery stores within a half mile radius. Is it really too tedious to go to Whole Foods, a mile away, for specialty items?

  2. The advantage of having Ellwood Thompson as a shopping choice is that the company provides a market for local farmers. Yes there is a Giant, Safeway and HT close but nearly every dollar spent at those locations leaves the area.
    Buying from local merchants helps support the local economy.
    That being said, using tax money to help the completion of the space does come with concerns.

  3. Normally Ellwood Thompson's would be able to finance the CH store w/o a problem but w/ the recession the lending environment has changed dramatically creating much greater risk. I'm passionate about local products and committed to the community. We understand that there may be a loan opportunity w/ the Mayor's office so we wanted to pursue it.

    Rick Hood

  4. I say go for it Rick!


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