Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Community meeting with Mayor Fenty tonight Wednesday at Tubman School

His Baldness is coming to Tubman Elementary School tonight Wednesday for a "community forum," starting at 7 pm at the meeting of the North Columbia Heights Civic Association.

Their website says "This will be an open forum focusing on Columbia Heights-specific issues including crime, green / public spaces, commercial and infrastructure development, and schools."

Sounds good! Someone should ask about Ellwood Thompson's, though he might not know anything about it.

Photo by TerranceDC


  1. Meetinggoer: In case anyone tried to attend this meeting as I did, or was bummed they would not be able to make it, it is NOT happening tonight. The civic association website says the meeting will be tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 7pm, and the school had no idea about an event tonight. Better luck tomorrow.

  2. Yes, that's right, it is Wednesday night at 7. Hope to see lots of folks there! More info here:


  3. Shoot, I'm sorry. I thought today (Tues) was Wednesday all day.

  4. Ellwood Thompson’s will be appealing to Mayor Fenty for funds to begin construction at DCUSA. I’m told that the Mayor will be at Tubman Elem School tonight (Wed) for a forum to include discussion of “commercial development” starting at 7pm at the meeting of the North Columbia Heights Civic Association. He also can be contacted through dcgov.org under “contact the Mayor”. We need your support !

    Rick Hood, Owner


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