Tuesday, November 10, 2009

City eases poster restrictions

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Just saw this on DCist: the city has eased regulations regarding posters for events -- now they can be up any amount of time before the event, but must be taken down after 30 days. Before I've complained about the ANSWER posters that are up forever after the event. The group was fined a number of times for not removing posters.

The rule change stinks. If I've learned anything about poster putter-uppers, it's that they don't mind covering the neighborhood with posters and then not removing them.


  1. Um...you live in a city. If you want a quaint, poster-less landscape, move to Leesburg.

  2. I don't mind posters, what I mind are posters up for literally a year after the event. If you're going to advertise your event all over the neighborhood, at least take them down afterwards.

  3. It's part of living in a city with a political community and political memory.

    Also, it's not like the war still isn't going on. The poster remains relevant until the war, the deaths, and PTSD is over. Which won't be for a long time apparently.

  4. People have the right to not have their neighborhoods trashed year after year, regardless of where they live.

    The way I read the Examiner article, the posters pictured in the DCist link would still be in violation, since they're on the traffic signal box. "No posting on trees, traffic signal poles, bus shelters or trash cans"


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