Sunday, November 15, 2009

Child shot and killed Sat. night on Columbia Road

Sad news last night, a nine year old boy was shot and killed last night in his apartment. Streets were blocked off for hours and buses were rerouted. The good thing is that WUSA and others are reporting that some people are in custody. Police helicopters were out in the area last night, so let's hope they found everyone they were looking for. Here's Jim Graham on the tragedy:
Dear Friends, I have just returned from a tragic scene at 14th and Columbia. Just before 10 PM, a nine year old boy was shot dead in the presumed safety of his apartment at 1433 Columbia Road. AT this time, it appears that there was some kind of fight in the hallway, shots were fired, one of which entered the apartment and killed this boy. I have the name of the boy (who happens to be Latino) but I am not releasing it since I do not know whether the entire family has been notified.

Chief Lanier and Mayor Fenty--who were both on the scene-- stated that there are persons in custody.

MDP was out in force in the neighborhood, it being an All Hands on Deck weekend. Police were on the scene immediately.

More information will be available soon.

Our hearts and prayers go the family. I have sent messages that my office is prepared to do we can to help.


  1. This is sad. My prayers go out to his family. 14th & Columbia is a haven for criminal activity even with 24/7 police. What else can be done? Raise those apt buildings?

  2. Anonymous, so you're saying that your prayers go out to the kid's family, but you want to bulldoze their home?

  3. Thank you for that Guns Suck. I love the way folks believe that the best way to solve the issues of poverty and violence is to move it some place else!

    This is a tragic event that bulldozing some of the already limited affordable housing in the area is not going to help.

    For Anonymous: If you want to help make Columbia Heights be safer community for all of us the easiest thing to do is to get to know your neighbors and be out on the street at night. Eyes on the street help make places safer. You can also work with local community groups who are working to help out poor folks in the area. You can also help out groups providing resources for young folks who are at risk for violent behavior. Don't just sit at home and worry go out and make it safer!

  4. Anonymous, This crime is absolutely terrible. But that whole block isn't all bad. I live on that block in a nice and safe apartment building. Bulldozing it down is not the answer. Becoming more involved in your community is taking one step in the right direction. Being vigilant and aware of your surroundings is important. But saying to get rid of it will never help the problem.

  5. Emla has it right on... Get to know the neighbors and spread the love. A glance and a wave can do a lot.

    But while we're on the subject, I wonder whether we all misunderstood what you had to say... Were you thinking "raze" as in bring in the dozers or "raise," as you spelled it... You know, risers and stilts and all that jazz. It'd be like going to the beach.

    Just sayin'

  6. I walked by there today at around 4 and saw all the tenants bunched up on the front steps listening to a speech by an old white guy (Jim Graham? The landlord maybe?) The media was there and a lady was translating it into Spanish. He promised a new safer front door and proclaimed that they are going to make sure there are "no more gangs, no more drugs in this building."

    I had no idea what had happened at the time but knew it was bad judging by the completely shell shocked looks on the tenants' faces. This is such a heartbreaking tragedy. I hope that some good comes out of this and these peoples' conditions improve as a result of this.

  7. to emla1886: so on top of the high taxes I pay by being a homeowner in this city now i need to go out and do all those things you describe? tell me what to do my tax dollars actually get me? Surely not quality schools that my future kids and can attend. Apparently, my taxes also don't get me safe streets/neighborhood. I think i am paying for weekly trash pick up b/c that is about the only thing i see that gets done timely and correctly.

    i don't think Anonymous was talking about actually destroying the bldg. He was throwing out a conjecture.
    I wonder emla1886 what you pay in taxes? do you pay the extremely high property tax? If the tax dollars i provide to this city means, moving the people who have no respect for civil society out to another neighborhood, then YES i am all for it.

  8. So what kind of day way today? Found out that the boy shot on Columbia Road was one of our student's little brother. 9 years old. What to do with that? Makes you wonder about all this "New Columbia Heights." Yes, in the high-priced condos that popped up within the last three years people might feel all spiffy and safe. But what about all the people scratching to make it in what's left of low income housing around here?

    Main reason this little boy was killed - no kind of lock on the front door of the building. No high-dollar company to provide a doorman and security system. Anyone could come in and do anything. "New Columbia Heights" does not mean pushing out all the problems into "not in my backyard" or even "not in my lobby." What about making sure that the people who have lived here for years are safe in their own homes???
    VW from 16th Street

  9. I don't think anyone is trying to push all the problems out but yes, it shoudl be bulldozed and rebuilt as a MIXED Income community. Every housing study in america shows that mass concentrations of poverty (ie most public housing of the last century) has been a total failure. And seriously, I am tired of being vilified because I work 60 hours a week to own my own home and choose to NOT have children I can't afford. But yet I am the bad guy cause I wont mentor. Gimme a break. Yall are nuts if you think chatting up MS13 is going to fix the problem. Some of the folks SHOULD be moved out of the neighborhood. And for whats its worth, I was a renter on Cap Hill for 14 years and got priced out but no one seems to be giving this white woman any sympathy that I couldnt stay in the my long time neighborhood. Living in DC is turning me into a republican.

  10. to "VW from 16th Street":

    What did the people who lived in OLD columbia heights have...nothing but a craptastic neighborhod. if you so long for that then move to the trinidad are or other run down area. Stop turning this against the responsible people who actually have moved into the NEW and now BETTER columbia heights. Do you really think the gangbanger and the other hoods who still cause trouble in CH add value to this neighborhood.

    to the Cap hill white female anonymous-- I agree with you 100%!!! Being a DC law abiding tax paying homeowner makes me want to be a Repub.

    to the rest of the people who agree with the ridiculous and not well thought out post such "VW from 16th Street" start paying property taxes and then let me know how you feel.

  11. FYI - in response to the republican white woman who got priced out of Cap Hill - mixed income housing (Hope 6, etc.), while a nice neo-lib idea in theory, has been a dismal failure in practice. Your, and others' comments are case in point - once you move on up, you don't want to be around the kind of folk you used to live among - they bring down your property value, right? Gentrification only forces those living on the margins - renters AND owners alike - to move further out, while folks take advantage of cheap space...just as happened to you in Cap Hill, now you are pricing out those living in Columbia Heights.


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