Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bizarro ATM at 14th and Irving

Bizarro ATM
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Just noticed this the other day -- a big, green, freestanding ATM has appeared at the west entrance of the Columbia Heights Metro, next to Five Guys. It's for something called Signal Financial, but with the weird green glow it kind of reminds me more of a spaceship. Plus there's already graffiti on it. That took about two days.


DragonKat said...

It's certainly lit up like crazy but Signal Financial is the credit union right around the corner from that ATM - hard to miss, it's the same shade of green as the ATM.

Anonymous said...

That thing has been there for months, I'm gonna say at least since the spring.

Andrew said...

Really? I've never noticed it. Maybe it wasn't lit up when I saw it before.