Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Art on 14th Street: Cherif Mamadou

Walking down 14th near the Target a week or so ago I saw an artist selling his paintings, which is different from street vendors in the area. The artist's name is Cherif Mamadou, who's originally from the Ivory Coast via Paris but lives in DC now.

I've seen him before painting at the triangle park in Mt. Pleasant, he tends to paint quickly while listening to music. He said one of the goals is to get kids interested in art, which is a good one, and I've often seen kids watching him at work. He had a bunch of different works for sale, and he's a pretty friendly guy.

Here's a bunch of pictures of him working, and a video below.


  1. I've seen Mamadou outside of DC USA selling his artwork. His stuff is really unique, bright colorful paintings that are great for any apartment or condo. Mamadou represents Columbia Heights at its core: a vibrant, diverse community with its own flair and flavor. He's a perfect fit for the Columbia Heights community.

  2. Mamadou's work is inspirational, genuine, and humble. I see him in Adams Morgan all the time and think that everyone should purchase his work!

  3. I like this stuff a lot!!! I hope everyone purchases his work. It's important to support people of color since you drove them out through gentrification.


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