Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wanna buy a hair salon?

Just saw this on Craigslist -- a place called Mary's Salon at 3919 14th St NW is for sale for a cool $39,000 (for just the business, not the building).

That actually seems pretty inexpensive, though I do not have a lot of experience buying hair salons.

Other treasures for sale on Craigslist lately: an iPod with a cracked screen From A Person Who Types Like This, a $2,000 massage chair, and Phish tickets for $200.


  1. Why is that cheap? The place could have $200,000 in debt and no assets. Do you know anything about the goodwill? Welcome to business.

  2. Yeah, to assess the value of any business you uneed alot more information, adn I woudl suspect that here isn't much in terms of assets (other than a few chairs and hair dryers) or name equity - so even without much info - seems expensive!

  3. That's true, but as I noted, I do not have a lot experience valuating hair salons. Just a random thing for sale.


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