Monday, October 12, 2009

Update on the 14th Street construction

Saw this today on various listserves. Sounds like fun!
Construction work on 3300 block of 14th St.

Beginning October 19, 2009, construction activities on 14th Street, NW will be moving to the east side of the 3300 block, from Park Road to Monroe Street, NW. One lane of northbound and one lane of southbound traffic will be maintained on 14th Street at all times. However, the east half of 14th Street, including the traffic lane and the parking lane, will be closed at all times during construction.

Construction Details

Work to be performed includes but is not limited to removal of the existing curb and sidewalk, the installation of new granite curbs, storm drain inlets, street light foundations and poles, and sidewalk reconstruction with pavers at the civic plaza.

Safety and Access

* Sidewalk and pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained at all times, including the Park Road sidewalk east of 14th Street.

* Traffic safety officers, flagmen and VMS message boards will be utilized to assist in directing the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

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