Monday, October 5, 2009

Tynan's Coffee, Thaitanic II close to opening?

A reader sent this in today: "Just walked by Tynan last night and it looks very close to opening. The bar is set up, there is furniture. Also, Thaitanic II also looked pretty close to an opening when I walked by last Sunday."

Tynan's is on Irving and 14th, in the Highland Park building (next to Five Guys) while Thaitanic II is in the Alegro building at 3460 14th Street NW, between Newton and Meridian.

Sounds good! I'll see if I can find more.

UPDATE: A commenter says Thaitanic II is in fact open!


  1. Thai Tanic II is open. Ate there Friday night, in fact.

    Good food for the vegans in your audience.

  2. Thai Tantic II is open but they don't have a liquor license yet. The owner told me on Friday that he is supposed to pick it up today (Monday, 10 / 5) so, they should be up and running totally mid this week.

  3. I ate there 10/7/09 and they were all up and running, liquor and all.

    Food was great. Literally came out 5-6 minutes after ordering. Was piping hot and delish!

    Glad to have good thai in the neighborhood!

  4. How does Thaitanic II compare to Thai Tanic I? I love I.


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