Monday, October 19, 2009

Should there be a Christmas tree in the Civic Plaza?

That's the question Prince of Petworth is asking in a poll on his site -- a Christmas tree in the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza at 14th and Kenyon/Park, with the results of the poll going to Jim Graham.

Personally I think it would be pretty cool and would add to the neighborhoody feel. Maybe people would even carol there. Of course, there might also need to be other religious items there, like the White House does -- they have both a Christmas tree and menorah.

What do you think? It looks like the "yes" votes are winning by a lot.


  1. What's the point of having a blog that simply re-posts entries on other, more popular blogs?

  2. I post about things that I think are useful and interesting to people in the neighborhood. I don't think any site has a monopoly on posts about the area.

  3. bah humbug, Anon!

  4. Yes!!! Put a Christmas tree up!

  5. Please, for chrissake! Lets put the 'X' back into X-mas and call this thing a Holiday Tree or an X-mas tree!
    Shame on you for your religious insensitivity.

  6. an ice rink would be nice too... :)

  7. A wave of dread washes over me whenever I hear a proposal like this.

    No, I don't especially want lots of extra public Christmas trees, but even worse is the uncomfortable position of having to vote against or lobby against someone else's beloved symbol and appearing to ruin someone else's fun because I'm not Christian.

    Aren't there enough Christmas trees and symbols around as it is???


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