Friday, October 9, 2009

Parking at DCUSA

Pretty interesting article in the Post the other day about parking at DCUSA. Basically, there's too much of it, as the garage is mostly empty. The Post attributes it to DC regulations about parking for commercial developments, but others imply it's due to demands from the businesses. Clearly the stores haven't adapted their plans to an urban location near transit.

The city is losing money on the garage, but at least the owners are trying to let community groups and others use the garage. Plus there have been other fun ideas, like roller skating. Let's hope something comes of it and that big boxes and cities learn you don't have to require so much parking.

Another odd thing is that the Post refers to DCUSA as a mall. I dunno about that.


  1. Maybe they could start a shuttle service for nighttime U-street parking, this would greatly alleviate the parking hell that U-streets popularity brought with it.

  2. That's a good idea! And to Adams Morgan maybe.

  3. Wow, $100,000 a month? Besides electricity for lighting and paying the operator that needs to fence off the bottom floor, what else is all that money being spent on? Is this the normal upkeep cost for brand new fully automated garages? Just seems a bit high, but then again I've never run a parking garage.

  4. There's already a shuttle service for anyone who wants to do that, it's called the Circulator, and the 52/54 line...

  5. Hm... that's actually not a bad idea at all... Maybe DCUSA can team up with the U Street community to promote the idea... How about an underground D n' B club?


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