Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How can you get in touch with your Neighborhood Commissioner?

My friend had some issues with guys hanging out in her alley and was wondering how to get in touch with her Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC). Here's how!

The ANC is an elected, nonpartisan body which advises the City Council on various neighborhood issues. They also can make rules about alcohol licenses. They have very small constituencies (usually only a few blocks) so they're good to get in touch with about local issues. Here's more about them on Wikipedia.

Here's what you do. First, you need to find what ANC single member district (SMD) you're in. It's on your voter registration card, or you can look it up online at the DC Guide. Type in your address and it gives you your voting precinct, school district, and so on. Your "2002 Single Member District" is what you're looking for. The number is Ward, then ANC, then SMB (for example 1a02 or 1b07) Click on your SMD and it'll show you the boundaries and give you the person's name, as well as a link to the ANC website. Click your Ward and ANC there and it lists each person and their contact info.

My person doesn't have an email listed, so you can either call them or go to that particular ANC's website, which also has a list of commissioners, or you can email the head of that ANC -- for ANC1A it's Cliff Valenti and for ANC1B it's Sedrick Muhammad.

So there you go! It's also worth emailing Jim Graham (or your councilperson) with the problems too.

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