Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Groundbreaking on new Justice Park today

Looks like there's a groundbreaking ceremony today at 2 pm with the mayor for the new Justice Park, to be located in an empty lot on Euclid Street just west of 14th (here's the location).

It's going to replace the current Justice Park located across the street and behind the BP gas station, which is apparently going to be redeveloped into housing -- a person from DPR said the District made a land-swap but wasn't sure of the type of housing.

I think the old park is a big loss, as the new park will have 40 community garden spots and the old park was closed and wasn't very welcoming -- it was above ground behind a big wall, and seemed to be locked. Plus from the looks of it, it was kind of bleak. The new park should be done by Spring 2010.

The new park has a Twitter, which is cool, and here's more about it. Here's the website from DPR for it, including the plan.


  1. Very cool--but who's commenting on behalf of the park?

  2. I went by the groundbreaking yesterday, and I don't think there was a single neighborhood resident... just a bunch of suits.

  3. That stinks. Thanks for going and posting about it.

  4. Thanks for the nice write up! I'm part of the community group organizing the community garden portion of the new Justice Park, and was at the groundbreaking.
    There were a few community members there (4, I think? maybe 5?), but not many. However, that's not exactly surprising given that the ceremony was scheduled at 2pm on a Wednesday.


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