Thursday, October 8, 2009

Graham introduces bill to assist Ellwood Thompson's

Just saw this on the Columbia Heights listserve: Jim Graham submitted a bill to help the long-awaited Ellwood Thompson's organic supermarket come to DCUSA.
Dear Friends:

I am glad to report that yesterday I introduced and the Council passed legislation to help an organic market to locate in the DCUSA retail center . This bill will ensure that Ellwood Thompson's -- a full-service, organic, natural and sustainable food store -- will receive tax relief benefits that are available to every qualified supermarket in DC.

Ellwood Thompson's is dedicated to high-quality products, supporting local farmers and the community. It signed a lease with DC USA Operating Co., LLC for space in the DC USA Shopping Center in Ward 1. The construction of their supermarket space was delayed due to the downturn in the economy. The is the second time the council passed this bill. The earlier measure was about to expire, and so this action was necessary. the legal action pertained to the fact that--unlike many supermarkets--this one is not free standing and is part of, and within, an existing development. So some technical changes were needed.

I am told that the plans for this supermarket are again underway. Our latest report is that Ellwood Thompson's has submitted construction diagrams to the developer and they are awaiting approval.

With the passage of this bill, the Council is again doing all it can to make this happen.

Bests, Councilmember Jim Graham
I'm checking in with Ellwood Thompson's folks to see what they have to say. Graham saying plans are underway and they've submitted construction plans is a good sign. Last we heard was a rumor that it was "looking good."

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