Monday, October 12, 2009

Gloria's Pupuseria: pretty good

Yesterday some friends and I checked out Gloria's Pupeseria at 14th and Monroe, and it was pretty good. The place had kind of a funny atmosphere: a painting of Selena on the wall and very loud music in Spanish from a jukebox -- so loud that the waitress lady had to turn it down to hear our order. It was also a bit hard to order due to language barrier, but eventually we got it done.

We ordered beef tacos, chicken tacos, chicken tamales, and pork and cheese pupusas. The tacos were the stars, with flavorful chicken and beer and fresh-tasting other ingredients (lettuce with some spices and avocado). The pupusas were tender but not much different from any other pupusas I've had, and the tamales were so-so: the chicken inside was not bad, but the rest of the tamale was gelatinous and weird. I'd be curious to go back and try more dishes as we were a bit cautious this time.

Drink-wise, we got horchata and tamarindo, which were both sweeter and less flavorful than other horchata and tamarindo I've had.

It was pretty reasonably priced however: $34 for the four dishes and drinks. I'd say it's worth a visit for good Latin American food. Have you been? Let me know what else to get!

Gloria's is at 3411 14th St NW

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