Monday, October 19, 2009

First look at Tynan Coffee & Tea

So I went to Tynan on Saturday to check it out, and it happened that they had free coffee until 2 pm.

It's pretty large, I'd say the size of the Starbucks on 14th, and on Saturday it was full -- no seats available at all. It's bright and modern inside, not as welcoming or cozy as other coffee shops, but still a pretty nice place.

The free coffee was pretty tasty, so that's a good sign. I also got an apple turnover type thing which was also good. I was looking forward to a breakfast sandwich or wrap as mentioned on their website, but they didn't seem to carry any yet, just premade deli sandwiches and such. Maybe that will come with time -- I'm checking with them.

In any case, it looks like the shop is something that's needed, judging by the crowd there already.

Anybody else try it? Anything to recommend?


  1. I went by and had some coffee on Sunday afternoon. It seemed nice. I was surprised how crowded it was. I'm going to call it now... this place will end up turning off the wi-fi on Saturday and Sunday. I love using my computer at coffee shops but would not blame them if they did. The amount of wasted space because of laptops was amazing. I saw at least one couple walk in, turn around and then leave. Other people were having a hard to sitting together or finding a place to eat their food.

  2. Had breakfast Saturday morning. The breakfast sandwich was overpriced at 5.99 - worse than Crumbs & Coffee's and about on par with 7-11's, both of which are cheaper.

  3. The place is nice but I do hope they limit the laptoppers.

  4. I tried to get a drink & sandwich with two friends Sunday butwe all left because of too many LAPTOPPERS and no eating tables.

  5. can people mainly using laptops share tables there? that could free up tables for those socialising.

  6. Perhaps a better idea would be to kindly ask folks to use laptops in a certain dedicated section of the shop only. I mean most people are corteuous enough to follow such instructions, I would hope.

  7. I'll start with announcing my bias as the guy who runs the place is a friend. However- I got around to checking the spot out yesterday and totally loved it. They know their coffee. I had a pumpkin spice latte (made with REAL pumpkin) and it was exceptional. Although I do agree with the idea someone had about sectioning off the laptoppers. I hope it continues to stay busy. Ill take it over starbucks anyday anyway..

  8. I like the atmosopere, the furniture, the music, and all that. I was VERY disappointed with my latte. It was about a quarter foam, and it was the bad kind of foam, not the good kind. I'll come back though.


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