Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cuban cafe coming to 11th Street?

This weekend I was in Columbia Heights Coffee (on 11th between Monroe and Park) talking to one of the owners. I asked if they were expanding, since that had been rumored before. The guy said they weren't expanding and that a Cuban cafe was going in next door, which would be 3414 11th Street NW.

That'd be pretty cool -- the other day I was fiending for some Cuban-style coffee, plus Cuban sandwiches are pretty tasty.

It looks like PoP heard it was going to be a tapas place in May, so I'll keep my eyes open. Not sure of the timetable.

UPDATE: A reader emailed me about a PoP post where he talks about a place to the north of Columbia Heights Coffee. Not sure if this is another restaurant, or if the Columbia Heights Coffee man and I misunderstood each other. I'll look into it.

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