Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Celebrity Sighting: Kal Penn at CommonWealth

Kal Penn (aka Kumar, Taj, and the guy from House) was spotted by a friend at CommonWealth on Saturday night. Mr. Penn works for the White House's Office of Public Liaison and lives in the "Borderstan" neighborhood (between Dupont and Logan).

Apparently he was with a big group of people who looked like White House staff types. Maybe we'll run into him at Wonderland one day. Actually, that would probably be a bad idea, as everybody would probably just go "dude, it's Kumar! Hey, Kumar!" over and over.


  1. What did his hair look like?

  2. Maybe you should respect the man's privacy and not post the places where he goes?

    Show some respect.

  3. anon #2, I disagree. The man is not only a well-known actor, but he's a prominent White House staffer and thus a public figure. I don't track everywhere he goes, but when a famous person comes to the neighborhood, I'm going to mention it.


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