Thursday, September 17, 2009

What We're Missing: a movie theater

Here's the latest in the What We're Missing series: a movie theater. A couple people mentioned it in other posts, and it's an interesting point. I'm thinking not a Gallery Place-style megaplex, I wouldn't want the traffic and such, but maybe something like the Uptown or even like Visions in Dupont.

Visions, which is now closed, used to show art movies, older movies, cult flicks, and stuff like that. They also used to have a $10 "drain the keg" night on weekends, where you'd watch a movie and drink beer from a keg. It was great place for a date or just something fun to do.

I think if this were to happen, it'd have to be off 14th Street, maybe towards Georgia Ave somewhere. There's a lot of empty buildings that way, so any entrepreneurs out there should get on it!

What do you think? Good idea or lame?

Photo from the Historical Society of a theater on 14th just south of Irving Street in 1950


  1. Yes!! I've been saying this for ages. Somebody get on it.

  2. The Tivoli should show movies every now and then. Classics, maybe?

  3. that would be pretty awesome anon #2!

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  5. Ditto on Tivoli having a weekly film event (with beer would be great) or something.
    Arlington Drafthouse/Theater would be a great model, they show older films for cheap, you can order beer/food, and have other events like stand up, etc.

  6. Showing movies at the Tivoli on the nights that Gala is dark is a great idea. I would definitely go.

    If anyone does decide to open a theater nearby, the York could be restored beautifully:

  7. a bar that occasionally showed movies on a gigantic screen would be a great option and pretty viable. like warehouse cafe does on tuesdays.
    what would the process have to be for the tivoli to show movies?
    would a business have to rent the space and staff for the night?


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