Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tynan's Coffee Shop making progress?

The other day I noticed a new sign at Tynan's, the coffee shop going into the Highland Park building at 14th and Irving, and a reader noticed the same thing and snapped a photo! Not sure how close they are, but I like coffee. Would you visit?

The reader also mentioned the sports bar that was also in planning for the building -- I haven't heard anything about it since that first mention in the Washington Business Journal. Too bad, I'd love to have a place where I could go watch some football, have a beer and burger, and cry about my fantasy football teams. I'm checking around.

Photo by reader Adam


  1. All I know is their construction crew has been blocking the back alley for weeks now making delivers a pain for the other restaurants. Still be nice to see a coffee shop/some sort of small bar in the area.

  2. That's really cool. I love Sticky Fingers but it's good to have options. Is Tynan's locally owned?


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