Thursday, September 24, 2009

CH Civic Plaza ribbon cutting on Friday, sod going in

Looks like the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza at 14th/Kenyon/Park is almost done. A reader snapped this photo of some sod being laid around the circular fountain area, and ANC commissioner William Jordan reports that the ribbon cutting for the Plaza will be Friday at 10 am, with the mayor himself doing the cutting.

I'm not sure if everything is done yet, as the tree things don't seem to have the leaves that are in the plan's diagrams yet, but it must be close.

Then again, there was the ribbon cutting for the 14th and Girard Street Park, which closed the next day when it turned out the concrete was not done correctly.

Thanks to reader Adam for the photo


Mark said...

pretty sure there won't be any "leaves" on the solar lights given how much the design has been changed in other ways. hope they will still be extending the (modified) paving tile pattern from the plaza out and across the streets - i always liked that aspect of the plan.

IMGoph said...

what photo? i can't see a photo here.

pandaboy said...

The workers removed all the barriers tonight. It's open! The lights aren't on, nor is the fountain, but folks are hanging out there already. This happened about 30 min ago. Looks like the road will be opened tonight too.