Thursday, September 10, 2009

Save pizza from the suburbs! Vote RedRocks by noon today!

Looks like RedRocks pizza at 11th and Monroe needs our help -- California/Virginia chain Flippin' Pizza is rumored to be giving out deals at all their locations (even Calif. ones) in exchange for votes. From the Washingtonian's comments:
Hey Griff - Flippin has been sending emails for weeks telling all their Dough Club members in CA & VA that if they win, they’ll get a Free Pie. I know, I got them all. So don’t get stuck on stupid.
No fair! Vote before noon today! Get on it!

UPDATE: Here's the actual link that Flippin' Pizza is using. Lame!


MandarinZazz said...

Somebody posted the actual link. This is definitely cheating:

Andrew said...

thanks. lame!

Anonymous said...

"Flippin' Pizza" definitely cheated. How was a suburban out-of-state-based chain even in the poll to begin with. Stupid.