Friday, September 4, 2009

Pizza Poll finals! RedRocks vs Flippin'

The finals are set -- RedRocks beat Pete's Apizza and now faces Virginia and California chain Flippin' Pizza. I've never had Flippin', but a pizza place with 4 locations versus one with one? That doesn't seem fair!

What do you think? I've gotten lots of pro- and anti- RedRocks comments so far. The poll is open til noon on Thursday the 10th. Who will be the grand pizza champion?


  1. Total Yelp reviews for 6 area Flippin's is 42. Total for RR is 117 and Pete's 130. Where is all this internet voting coming from?

  2. flippin is a chain with places in california? why are they even in the poll????

  3. Flippin is giving free pizzas to their mailing list if they win- possibly to the branches in CA as well! They are totally stacking the deck.


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