Monday, September 21, 2009

Oktoberfest at Wonderland

Prost! Wonderland is hosting Oktoberfest specials until October 4! I was there yesterday and the outdoor area really does seem like a biergarten, what with the big tables. They also have pretzels for $1 (though there was some debate if that's always how much they are) and sausage deals, plus 2BloxDC reports a bring your own beer stein deal, which is pretty sweet.

They also have a bigger selection of German beers than usual, like various Spatens, Paulaners and Hofbraus, if memory serves. The crowd wasn't too big yesterday, and I met a couple of German dudes who said the place was the closest they've seen to a beer garden in D.C. Apparently they were singing drinking songs as well, but I missed that part. Sehr gut!


  1. any more details on the bring your own mug deal? 2Blox and wonderland's website don't have much info...

  2. my god you are an asshat


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