Monday, September 14, 2009

New public art at 14th and Oak

Neighborhood resident and artist Sarah Tooley just sent me an email about a public art project she did at at the triangle park at 14th, Oak and Ogden: Tooley interviewed local residents about the park and community safety and then painted benches with their responses -- kind of like the mural on 11th near Tubman School.

The project was partially financed by a grant from the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities, and Tooley and a group of volunteers painted the seven benches. The park will be renovated by the city at some point in the future. Before the project there had been no seating in the park.

Here's how she described it:
Through the physical manifestation of the text painted on the benches privately expressed opinions are launches into the public realm. The differing views and experiences expressed lay side by side to confront and co-exists with the assumptions, stereotypes and lived realities of the people who choose to spend time in the park, who steer clear of it, or those who have felt pushed out.


  1. I live one block over from where this went in, and it is SUCH a nice thing for the neighborhood. The amount of outdoor childrens' birthday parties and cookouts going on has surged since the benches went in. Brings back more of a feeling of community in the immediate area.


  2. Birthday parties? Cookouts? All I see are drunks and drug dealers hanging late into the evening on these benches. The city removed them some time back, now they have been reinstalled as works of "art"? These benches need to be removed ASAP, just like they recently did away with the cement benches outside of the fire house.

    Last weekend they had stationed two police cruisers just alongside this park to 'crowd control' the low lifes now using these benches. GET RID OF THEM AGAIN< FOR GOOD!

  3. similar to work by linda hesh...


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