Friday, September 4, 2009

Hot dog suits? The new thing to wear in Columbia Heights?

So on Saturday afternoon I saw a guy in a hot dog costume walking with two friends who were dressed normally. That was kind of weird, but I figured maybe it was for Columbia Heights Day or a party or something. Then today, a pal Twittered that she saw a guy in a hot dog suit driving a Geo Metro down 11th Street. This raises a lot of questions -- is it the same guy? If so, why is he always wearing a hot dog suit? Did he lose a bet?

And then if it's not the same guy, why are multiple people in the neighborhood wearing hot dogs suits? It's not Halloween! Or is it just a very weird coincidence?

Anyone else see this bizarre phenomenon?


  1. true. losing a bat would be a really weird reason for a hot dog suit.

  2. it's not the same guy. i'm the hotdog guy, and i don't drive a geo metro.

  3. Thats weird, there was a guy in a hot dog suit hanging around Dupont last Friday. I was at Five Guys when he came in and ordered a burger. A third guy?

  4. I also saw the guy in the hot dog suit order a burger at Five Guys! Plus, he was with some dude who claimed he was going to attempt the Gallon Challenge on the roof of his nearby office building. Look out on the Dupont sidewalks!

  5. dude - i saw that guy in a safeway, weeping uncontrollably over a package of Nathan's Famous Frankfurters.


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