Thursday, September 3, 2009

Columbia Heights Pizza Showdown! Pete's vs RedRocks

It finally came to this, Pete's Apizza versus RedRocks in the Washingtonian's Pizza Pool Final Four. It'd be kind of like GW vs Georgetown or Mason vs Maryland in the NCAA Final Four, except more delicious. The other matchup is Ella's against Flippin' Pizza. I've never had Flippin', and had Ella's once and thought it was ok. I'm surprised Pizzeria Paradiso or Matchbox aren't up there.

Jim Graham's even gotten into the act, posting on the Ward One listserve about RedRocks: "Columbia Heights--Red Rocks Pizza: We must rally and vote"

Anyway, Vote now! You have til Thursday at noon. Which do you prefer?

Here's the full bracket.


  1. I am happy to have both of them, but if forced to choose... Pete's!

  2. "UPDATE: This poll is now closed; RedRocks won, and will move on to the finals!"


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