Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Columbia Heights Farmers Market meeting Thursday night

Just got this from farmers market organizer and ANC commish William Jordan: there's a Columbia Heights Farmers Market & Civic Plaza Planning Meeting on Thursday at 6:30 at Change, Inc., which is at 1413 Park Rd NW. Both topics sound pretty interesting.

The last we heard, there was a poll about the farmers market, which is still open, so vote!


  1. Ugh, I'm sure with the likes of William Jordan in charge, the farmer's market will be a wild success, just like the last one! Thankfully, the Mt. Pleasant farmer's market is just a few blocks away.

  2. i went to vote in the poll but it required me to log in. first rule of making a poll: if you make it hard for people to take the poll (e.g., requiring a log in), people will not take the poll.

    i did not bother logging in and subsequently did not bother to take the poll.

  3. +1 to Anon at 1:40pm
    Totally agree. I may have a password to Yahoo, but I can't be bothered with trying several in order to remember it.

  4. It's great that there are people working on putting together a farmer's market. Kudos to William Jordan and anyone else who makes this happen.


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