Thursday, August 27, 2009

Washington Post's Tom Sietsema on Room 11

The Post's food critic Tom Sietsema has a review of new wine bar Room 11. It seems a little nitpicky to me, as he complains about an "unevenly dressed salad" and says
The food we see leaving the tiny kitchen looks familiar -- too familiar. Surely my friends and I aren't the only diners suffering from cheese plate and charcuterie fatigue these days.
I think that's the idea, as it's more of a wine bar than a place to eat food. In fact, Sietsema doesn't even mention the wine. However, he is right when he mentions that it's crowded and the servers and bartenders are sometimes overburdened, and the review ends on a positive note.

What do you think of the review and Room 11?

Room 11 is at 3234 11th Street NW


Kelly said...

Where is that place? Are you saying you went there? I want Andrew's review!

Andrew said...

yo! it's at 11th and Lamont. Here's my writeup on it.

Dan said...

45min wait was enough to send me elsewhere. I'll check it out in a couple months once things calm down.

Alex said...

Yeah, I wish them well but I like places that are not packed. Once the next newest thing starts drawing off the herds, I'll check it out.