Friday, August 28, 2009

Social opening on Saturday!

Here's some good news for foodies, new restaurant Social is opening at 14th and Meridian. They were delayed a little, but Saturday will be their first day. However, Saturday is also Columbia Heights Day and they're serving $4 Starr Hill beers, so it might be mobbed -- hitting it during the week may be a better bet.

As you may recall, "We take the beverage approach to dining," serving lots of shareable items like tuna sashimi dish and Baby Lamb Lollipops topped with cilantro pecan pesto. Sounds like an interesting spot. Their website also has their menu.


  1. Prima Pils for $12? Are you kidding me? Apples, arugula, red peppers, are you serious? This place is trying to be too trendy for its own good and over priced. It'll be gone soon enough.

  2. Went to dinner there openening night. Was hoping for a fantastic experience, didn't happen. They were already "out" of the Lolipop Lambchops, I mean c'mon. The Chimay was warm, the place was to stuffy upstairs, all the employees seemed lost. Too pricey, trying to be too fancy.

  3. I went Saturday night with my fiancee and had a great time. The wait was a little long, but we expected it for opening night on a Saturday. We enjoyed one of their fruity "designer" cocktails downstairs - it was overpriced but delicious. We also shared mahi mahi tacos, the BBQ shrimp (amazing!) and the arugala salad. The service was very slow but also very friendly. Not bad for their first night if you ask me.


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