Monday, August 31, 2009

Seen a stolen silver Toyota Camry hyrbid?

Saw this on the Columbia Heights listseve - a new resident just had their Silver 2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid stolen from 14th and Monroe. It has DC tags, an Obama sticker on the back rear window and a bike rack on the back. That stinks!

If you've seen it, email the victim's friend.

a commenter pointed out that it was towed. Lucky for them, but too bad they had to go through all the worry and trouble to find out.


  1. It was towed. See the forum post. Love DC Parking Enforcement.

  2. A hybrid with a bike rack an a Obama Sticker with DC tags! GET OUT! (enter long eye roll with mass amounts of sarcasm)

  3. High pressure gas line (no joke) has been being installed for about 2 months. Peeps have to move their cars by 7 AM...The signage can be confusing but our gas is going to rock!!

  4. Anonymous, let me guess, you're some holier than thou douchebag who refuses a car so you bike everywhere and clog our city? Take your hippie attitude back to your jackoff nonprofit job and cram some tofurkey in your ass.


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