Monday, August 24, 2009

Rumor: Ellwood Thompson's "looking good"

Got an email from a reader who says they spoke the listing agent for the space next to Panda Express last Monday -- "she indicated Ellwood Thompson is looking good to come to DC USA. She wouldn't quite commit but it sounded positive."

Let's hope! As I've noted, the Ellwood folks always say they're still looking forward to DC, and the Prince of Petworth had a similar rumor.


  1. Somebody pinch me! Watch out Giant.

  2. Really hoping they come, and soon! Giant's produce has been rather disappointing since I've moved to the neighborhood, and the competition can only help things. Plus, more foot traffic on Irving might lead to somebody leasing the other vacant bays in DCUSA or the sportsbar Donatelli is promising in Highland Park.

  3. Since I just moved up here a few months ago from Richmond, I just wanted to make a comment about how impressed I am of Ellwood Thompson's quality and selection of fresh produce and product in general, but what I love the most is their eclectic and well-prepared salad and hot bar! I would head there during my lunch breaks quite often. I had heard that they were hit very hard when, both, Whole Foods and Trader Joes came to Richmond late last year. I assume that is why they have had to postpone their opening here...


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