Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Odd bus driver conversation on the Circulator

So the other day I was riding the Circulator from Adams Morgan to Columbia Heights. On Irving at about 16th Street the driver announced "next stop, 14th and Columbia." I thought that was odd, since going east the bus stops at 14th and Irving. I asked the driver, nicely, if the bus stops at 14th & Irving and 14th & Columbia. She replied "next stop, 14th and Columbia" again. I said "this is Irving Street. Do you stop at the Metro?", again with no tone or anything, and she didn't reply. Maybe she was just confused, but it was kind of weird. I dunno, random.


  1. Sounds like she had a chip on her shoulder, and didn't want to admit to making a mistake, even such a minor one.

  2. wow you people write about any stupid shit that happens in your day...fuckin losers

  3. The only thing worse than writing about stupid shit is taking the time to comment on it.

    Yeah, guilty, but not complaining about it...

  4. this blog is vapid

    i'm glad i'm not your neighbor

  5. I stand corrected, there is something worse than complaining about the content of a blog which you can choose not to read.

    It's reading a blog that's NOT EVEN ABOUT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD and then complaining about it.

    See ya, I need to go find a random stupid neighborhood blog, perhaps in falls church, and post a comment about how stupid it is. Cuz there are 9,880,333 blogs out there that need someone who doesn't give a crap about them to waste time posting comments telling them how I don't care about their blog. Busy busy busy...

  6. I've never taken the Circulator from AdMo; I usually just walk back home. Perhaps Anon 9:25 is right- she made a mistake and didn't want to fess up?

    Just curious, did she end up stopping on Irving or Columbia, or both?

    Also, Anon 10:05 and Anon 10:50, go read another blog if you don't like this and leave us alone! No need to be nasty!

  7. She stopped at 14th and Irving, but not 14th and Columbia.

  8. Ha, I think I had that woman today. she yelled at someone cutting her off on Irving St. And the same woman did not stop at the adams morgan stop earlier in the day. I did not realize that you had to press the next stop button but I thought she was rude when telling me that.

  9. mean people suck


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