Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mo' pho in the neighborhood

Just saw on Ready Set DC, who heard it from the Prince of Petworth that a new pho place is opening up, supposedly at 14th and Parkwood, which is a few blocks north of the Tivoli (and current neighborhood fave Pho 14).

The new joint will be called Pho Viet and is supposed to open in about a month. I wonder if the neighborhood can support two pho joints? What's interesting is it seems like when one new ethnic place opens, another opens soon after -- for example, Adams Morgan had Amsterdam Falafel followed by Old City Falafel, and the two shwarma places. That being said, I like food, so I'll definitely give them a shot.

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Vicky said...

"That being said, I like food..."

Literal LOL.