Friday, August 14, 2009

Local pizza joints doing well in Washingtonian's Pizza Pool

Looks like CH is being well represented in the Pizza Pool, with RedRocks and Pete's both beating their suburban challengers. Moroni & Brother's up in Petworth won also. Here's the full bracket, NCAA-style.

What do you think, is Columbia Heights the best neighborhood for pizza?


  1. This bracketing sucks. So Moroni Brothers and Pete's would have to go against each other if they both win?

    And the winner of that would go against Red Rocks??? So we would only be sending one to the final four!!

    Columbia Heights is the Big East of pizza!!! I don't see any of the mid-majors taking this.

    They should of done the bracketology by the region, it would make more sense.

    Looks like Washingtonian didn't put much thought in this at all?

  2. am i the only person in the 'hood who thinks that Red Rocks is well... meh?


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