Friday, August 7, 2009

Giant charging incorrect prices?

Got an interesting email from a reader last night:

I stopped in Giant tonight for Romaine for Cesar salad. It was the only thing I needed and when I was checked out, the system price was set to $2.99, instead of $2.50 - (Giant brand 22 oz, not the Organic). I talked to Scott Wigle, Manager of the produce section. He wasn't particularily impressed with my indignation that I was purchasing the second to the last bag of romaine and consequently, if no one else had mentioned the 20% price increase, that Giant had taken a lot of extra money from people who could use it themselves.

The clerk to beckoned Mr. Wigle up to customer service said "this happens all the time".
Has anybody else experienced this? Of course, they might also be charging less for some items, or they could be making a lot of money off the wrong prices. Pretty weird!


  1. Yep, avocados a few weeks ago were 3 for $5 but self-checkout charged $2 each. I cancelled the self-checkout and went to a real cashier. I told him what happened, and he ended up charging me for only 1 of the avocados.

  2. So you learn that people make mistakes when entering data into computers. This surprises you because you are perfect, right?

  3. When the folks shopping at Giant are WIC and Food Stamps patrons, every frigging cent counts. Yes, it makes a difference for those who need the money, as oppose to Giant Corp HQ. Use your head.

  4. Then some of the cashiers give an attitude when you point out the mistake! Some of them can be very nasty indeed.


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