Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Free pedicab rides from Wonderland to Looking Glass

Pedicab at Wonderland
Originally uploaded by squidpants
Looks like the folks at Wonderland are offering free pedicab rides to the Looking Glass Lounge, the other bar they own in Petworth. I saw this on Saturday night and I think it's only on Friday and Saturday nights. It's a pretty good idea if Wonderland is packed, and Looking Glass is a cool bar.

Not sure if they offer the rides back however, I'll check.

A commenter says they do in fact offer the rides to and from both bars. Nice!


  1. I was at Looking Glass on Friday night, and I saw these guys offering pedicab rides down to Wonderland and back again. I think there are a couple of them, shuttling people between the two bars during the course of the night. Great idea!

  2. This calls for a new term to replace "barhopping"!

  3. What a great idea! I really love Looking Glass.

  4. wow! free ride from one crappy frat bar to another crappy frat bar? awesome!

  5. dang. i like tlg because it's low key. so much for that idea.

    they're both frat bars? how so? maybe ive never been to a frat bar. or i have only been to frat bars. eep.


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