Friday, August 28, 2009

"Fenty Field" at Tubman School causes a stink

Aside from maybe not being able to use it, the field at Tubman School is causing some problems too -- Republicans are angry that the field says "Mayor Adrian M. Fenty" in big letters on it, as well as the DC flag and the words "District of Columbia." I got a press release a few days ago from the DC Republican Committee (yeah, it exists) that reads
"The Administration has essentially created a Fenty Field. What should have been a celebratory occasion in showing off a new sports field, ended up being more of a PR campaign by the Mayor," stated Robert J. Kabel, Chairman of the DC Republican Committee.

"When did renovating a sports field for DC kids take a back seat to the Mayor's full throttle style of self promotion? If the new field is really for the kids, the Mayor should remove his name from the field immediately," concluded Kabel.
The Post covered yesterday's ribbon-cutting and mentions the objection, and there's already been other articles on the controversy.

I sort of see the GOP's point, but at the same time, most public officials put their names on buildings and such whether they're public or not. Plus I think the flag logo on the field looks pretty cool. I'll try to get a photo soon.


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  2. er.... i meant to say that the students don't care. they have a new field and they will play on it.

  3. the fact that the District is embracing astroturf, though, that kinda bites. Just one more stretch of no-longer-green space. Of course, the Republicans don't care about anything that substantive.

  4. Why didn't they go with um, oh I don't know, maybe....Tubman???

  5. It's not just republicans that have a problem with this disgusting display of self-promotion using tax dollars. I have NEVER seen ANYWHERE a mayor put his name in such big lettering on the field of an elementary school.

    Emperor Fenty needs to learn that the DC budget is not his own personal slush fund (remember the $75K pool heater, the big party for his frat brothers, his friends joy riding in city autos, etc.)?

  6. DC logo isn't so bad - field looks nice. Name a brothel after Fenty, not a gradeschool soccer field though...
    Also find it interesting that field gets redone right before CoHi day, but places such as Fort Dupont Park in Southeast lose TONS of funding forcing job and program/outreach cuts that will seriously impact a community that needs it.


    the fields could not sustain grass
    all the fields were just brown patches of packed earth

    the Astroturf is playable 60 minutes after the rain

    it is level
    no worries of divots or pot holes
    there is no need to bitch about the imbalance of no grass and too high grass

    it is a beautiful field
    an asset to the city and its residents

    as for green space.... there is plenty of green space that could be made more green


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