Monday, August 17, 2009

Crazy tall bike outside Banneker Pool

I went to Banneker Pool at Georgia and Euclid on Saturday, and leaving I saw this crazy bike, it had a second bike frame welded on top of the first, with the pedals at the height the seat usually would be. I asked the guy who had it about it, he said it didn't go faster or anything and then after a bit of a crowd gathered, he got on and rode off. You can hear some of the kids who were watching. Pretty crazy.


  1. i saw this bike on friday in columbia heights. he drove right through a red light, causing cars to have to stop for him. i guess he figures he doesn't have to stop since people will see him.

    i preliminarily judge him as an attention-freak ego-centrist.

  2. Yeah, he rode through the red lighthere too -- I wonder if it's because it's hard to stop? He can't exactly put his feet down on the ground.

  3. These are HUGE among certain crowds in Chicago, New York, and Milwaukee. There's actually a whole subculture associated with them - it's pretty hardcore and involves "jousting." Check out the movie "B.I.K.E." (wacky art school student documentary) for more about these.

    Personally, I think they're ridiculous and want to push them over.

  4. What a great idea! Gives a rider far better visibility and I would think car and truck drivers would be less apt to try to bump them. Some are really ugly when it comes to bikers!


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